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I love this picture, but looking at it as a critiquer, I don't think it's very original. Ginger kitten, under car. It is said that every picture should tell a story, but I'm not getting much story from this. Next time, perhaps it would be nice to show what Lola's expression is for: is she chasing something? Just woken? etc.

I only marked 3 :star: for technique because I felt there could be more done to make the photo more effective (were there a similar opportunity again).
Firstly, I find the background pretty distracting, what with the shiny car wheel and the coloured building catching my eye. I don't like being drawn away from the subject. I'd prefer just coloured haze there.
Secondly, I have an objection with the angle. It's fine to have Lola there and tilt towards her, but because my eye is caught by the car wheel, it brings attention to the fact that we're not viewing a level-ground picture. That's quite dizzying.
Thirdly, some photographers might argue that to have the subject in the centre of the picture is not as effective as having it coming from one side. I took this point into account when rating technique.

On the other hand, I like the pebbles/gravel-whatever and the way they guide the viewer into Lola's paw and muzzle, whether you intended that or not.

Bam: impact! You put this at the top of your profile and it was the first thing I noticed, showing that the impact works for grabbing the viewer. However, I marked a :star: down because I don't get much more from the picture after looking at it again.

Overall, this is a nice clear picture let down by a couple of technical points. However, I don't take into account the effort - which I would definitely mark 4+ :star:. Because I have my own kitten, I know how notorious they are to sit still and to capture Lola with her big eyes wide open is great! I'd definitely look at it again, hence the :+fav:!
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